DOMUS – Latin for “house” (root of “domestic” and “domicile”).  The ancient house was more than a place for the nuclear family to eat, sleep, and relax:  it was a center for the extended family network to work and to worship.  It was a place to create.  It brought together all parts of life.   It is a community of life and faith, of work and worship.

Paul Reeves is a producer, songwriter, and engineer. Paul takes a holistic approach to production. From the process of refining songs, to getting the most out of every performance, to the final stages of mixing, every step get’s Paul’s heart and soul. 

In the food chain of recording, the song is king. The best songs will produce the best recordings every time. In pre-production, Paul works with the artist to make sure each song is as strong as it can be before the first note is recorded. Next in the food chain is the artist and other performers. Domus Sound has a atmosphere where artists can feel like artists.  With 300-year-old artwork and a vast collection of modern and vintage equipment, Domus feels like a sanctuary for artists.  Paul’s goal is for every musician to be overwhelmed by their final performance. After the recording, the goal is for the artist to have to work to live up to the quality that was captured.

Working with Paul is unique in that he doesn’t simply run the artists through an assembly line and send them out the door. Recording is a time for experimentation and discovery. It takes time.  If you want something to be special, you have to treat it special.  Once the project is completed, Paul continues to see the project reach as much commercial success as possible. Making a record is only a part of the journey that lies ahead for the artist.  Along the way Paul has earned Dove nominations for songwriting and production, and artists that he has worked with have gone on to secure major publishing, licensing, and record deals.