Apostles Worship- Forever Hallelujah
Mac Powell and the Family Reunion- December
Walden- Green Lights EP


Bo Bryant- No Other Hope
Apostles Worship- Water to Wine
Cumberland- Seat at the Table
Sam Heilig- "Come Down" and "The Forest in the Trees"


Radiolucent- Electric City
Son and Thief- "All I Care About"
Sam Burchfield- Unarmored
Nathan Angelo- "Spread a Little Happiness" and "Any Day Now"
Ansley Stewart- Light
Lauren Settembrini- Hope In This Moment
Aaron Keyes- Through It All


Mosaic- Read Not The Times
Walden- Painting Planets
The Welcome Home- A Land Outside of This
Sam Burchfield- "Spring"
Wrenn- Apathy and Good Books


Dwayne Shivers- Dwayne Shivers EP
Michael Stiles- Shine
Kyshona Armstrong- Go
Sam Heilig- Broken Branches
Son and Thief- Cardinal
Roswell Community Church- New Hymnody Vol. 1


The Classic City Collective- The Fading Veil
Josh Bayne- Grace Like Crazy
Will Entrekin- Under Southern Skies
Sam Burchfield- Where to Run
Vital Worship: Songs For the Living King - Various Artists


Stiles Brothers - Self Titled
John French and the Bastilles - What Wakes the Night
Tim McNary - While We’re Waking
Amy Winkles - Common Ground
Brandon Stiles - Self Titled
Zachary Kale - One (Engineering/Mixing)
Ryan Stephens- Arrow (Engineering/Mixing)
Nate Currin- The Pilgrim  (Engineering)


Holiday Parade - False Alarms (“Gone”, “She Came Around”)
The Classic City Collective - Leave Your Guns with the Usher
Sam Heilig - Something to Live For
Seven Handle Circus (Engineering)


Leaving Araby - As Long as the Devil is After You
Micah Dalton - Gathered ‘Round the Greasefire
Michael Whitworth - Learning How to Love
Tyler Lyle - Inland Islands
Matthew Brown - In the Winepress
Lauren St. Jane and the Deadwesterns - American Dreams
Caroline Eddleman - Light My Way


Ryan Horne - Wheat Fire Collections
Tyler Lyle - Notes From a Parade
Sam Heilig - Between Here and Home


Michael Sechrist - I Still Believe
(Wrote and recorded solo album- Winter’s Over


David Herndon - Into Danger/Out of Rescue
The Goodfight - Holiday
Jon Black - Goodbye Golden Age
Natalie Moon - Small Stories of Epic Proportion